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Introduction to the advantages of synthetic leather

  Synthetic leather is not the same as artificial leather that we know. Synthetic leather is a synthetic fiber impregnated with macromolecules. It has almost the same fiber structure as natural leather. It also has characteristics such as natural leather breathability and water absorption, and its performance is better than that of artificialleather.
  it is good. The manufacture of synthetic leather goes through three steps: base forming, immersion liquid preparation and finishing. Electronic packaging leather focuses on its advantages here. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, it has the following advantages: 1. The quality of the finished productis uniform and the rules are consistent. It is suitable for large-scale mechanization and automated production, which is beneficial to the shoe industry to increase labor productivity. 2, can be made of a variety of bright colors, almost all natural leather products can be replaced synthetic leather. 3, the relative density of synthetic leather is small, the consumption of raw materials is less, help to reduce production costs and reduce sales prices.
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